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Registered Breeder with Master Dog Breeders Associates (MDBA) Membership number 24507, Outstanding Breeder Membership RightPaw, Full Membership with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) Membership Number 1221, Introductory Member Working Animals Federation of Australia (WAFA). Located in the beautiful Hunter Valley, N.S.W our property is on an amazing 7 acres showcasing our beautiful country.  
Theodore Foundation Breeder, Our Cavoodle puppies come with Pedigree papers and are part of the Cavoodle transitioning to Theodore a recognised breed. 

Breeding Companion, Therapy, Assistance and School Support Dogs since 2012. 
Raising Cavoodles/Theodores and Moodles the empowered way! Find us on Facebook and Instagram 

We’ve had the honor of being a finalist for the Hunter Business Awards 2 years in a Row! 

Also Awarded best NSW Cavoodle Breeder 2023 by both The Dog Journal and Dog Breed Expert

Our applications can be found below on our RightPaw listing 

Cavoodles $5500 
Moodles $4500

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Our Legacy 

Here at Loveable Cavoodles/Theodores & Moodles we truly believe in giving back and spreading love, our Legacy program is one of the ways we do that. 

Every year we donate a puppy raised on our empowered puppy program to a organisation or individual in need to provide them with the love and comfort of a dog and continue to touch hearts. This has been a dream of ours for many years and we are so pleased to announce our first donated puppy was placed as a school support dog in 2021 we look forward to continue this legacy every year for many years to come. 

I’m so honoured to be given this gift of bringing life into this world raising puppies and spreading my love, I thank every single past, present and future families for continuing to support and trust my program you all allow me to keep doing where my heart belongs.

Healing hearts and saving lives through the power of a dog!

Home: Our Legacy

Our Mission 

Raising the bar! 

Raising puppies to believe in their own abilities be confident and have a loving human focused temperament. Health, well-being and temperament of our dogs and puppies is our top priority. 

Educating what responsible and ethical breeding is and what it looks likes. Creating a community of like minded dog lovers and potential owners and creating our “loveable” family. Our Mission is to water these little souls to grow into beautiful flowers. Flowers that will bloom and become heart healers, life changers. We are building pups that know the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly, and that is essential to our program.

Home: Our Mission

Our Philosophy 

Our pups are carefully raised on a detailed week to week curriculum that coincides with their development to raise confident pups, with endless amounts of love and care in a clean spacious enriching environments. 

Our Parents are genetically DNA health tested, with the Orivet Full Breed Profile and Health Screened tested, based on their breed recommendation which covers Hip X-ray, Eye Certification, Patella Luxation check, Cardiac Evaluation all sent off to either ANKC or OFA for approval and certification to guarantee I only breed from the highest standard. 

Our puppy curriculum includes 

- Early neonatal stimulation 

- Early scent introduced 

- Loud noise exposure 

- Gentle handling exercises

- Whelping box novelty 

- Recall 

- Exposure activity 

- Grooming 

- Crate conditioning and more! 

Home: Our Philosophy

All About Us

Welcome to my website dedicated to our puppies I’m Nikki a proud Mum of 5 amazing sons my eldest is 18 yrs old and youngest is 9 yrs old. In this time we have had our highs and lows and like many large families we have our own unique story. Four of my sons are diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, our dogs are a huge part of their therapy providing them with unconditional love and and friendship on a daily basis. Zen our main stud has recently passed his public access test and is now a certified assistance dog for my youngest son Brax. Our puppies are raised with countless love from all of us, including my boys, my children are extremely gentle and have grown with puppies from a young age. They’re very aware of handling and caring for young puppies, pregnant mothers and adult dogs. I started my breeding journey over 12 years ago, we are a small breeding family. In this time I have completed my Certificate 3 in Animal Studies along with a bronze certificate in Pet Nutrition. In 2018 came the decision to become a dog groomer, along with my sister Miranda who also has the love and passion I do for dogs and breeding. I continue to grow and learn everyday, and I can easily get lost for hours researching and reading. I’m blessed with this amazing gift and so thankful I'm able to share it with others. Healing hearts and saving lives through the power of a dog!

Home: About Us

Our Curriculum 

How our puppies are raised throughout their stages of development. 

Day 1 - 2

Right now our focus is on Mum attending to her needs ensuring she is happy and healthy to provide around the clock care to her puppies. We keep handling to a minimum including weighing puppies daily to keep track to make sure they’re gaining appropriate weight and thriving. 

Day 3 - 13 

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises and Early scent introduction (ESI) are conducted once daily from the 3rd to the 16th days, a period believed to be a time of rapid neurological growth and development.

From their first week into the world our puppies are handled daily in particular way tailored to their needs and development always close to our face and near our heart. Each and every time a puppy is handled, we never put them down if they are panicked or upset (except the first 3 days of life) As the puppy learns more about the world, we are laying the foundation of the relationship between canine and human. For the first 2 weeks of life we continue to weigh puppies daily to ensure they’re healthy and thriving. 

Day 14 - 20 

Around 14 days puppies eyes begin to open when eyes first open they start out with a milky, grayish-blue appearance but that clears with time. A puppy’s eyes don’t truly mature until the animal is 4–5 weeks old. In fact, puppies can see before they can hear (their ears open at around 18–20 days) 

We continue ESI & ENS until day 16, on day 18, 19, and 20, we conduct a brief “loud noise exposure” with the puppies, such as banging a spoon on a metal pan three times. At this early age, puppies do not yet fear sound, so we use this opportunity to get a jump start on desensitisation of loud noises. We worm puppies at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old. 

This week we also introduce nail clipping and weighing once a week now through to 8 weeks old, always ensuring we are gentle handling puppies daily close to our face and heart. 

Week 3 

We introduce new types of music, TV shows and movies, “noise exposure” CDs, or YouTube videos each day. Additionally, puppies are exposed to quiet background noises throughout the day. 

During the “Awareness Identification” period (22-28 days), human connection is not as important as sibling and maternal time

This week we introduce whelping box novelty items during this developmental period. We place an object (unassuming and gentle) in the box and let the pups explore this novel item at their own leisure. We keep the object(s) in the whelping box until puppies fall asleep.

As the weeks go on we continue to ensure our mums are holding their weight. As puppies grow, our mums are using an extraordinary number of calories to keep them fed.

We start weaning this week, we start with just once a day and slowly introduce more as the week goes on. Feeding also give us the opportunity to start imprinting our puppy recall “our life saving recall we introduce” 

I have found that imprinting can and does save dogs’ lives. As part of the “Puppy Packet” we give on go home day, we pass along information regarding continuing education for the “puppy, puppy, puppy” recall.

Between three and four weeks old, pups will also begin toileting in a designated spot. Puppies generally do not like to potty where they sleep and will make a concerted effort to avoid this as they get older. The key to success is making sure that the toileting area and sleeping area are no more than half a meter apart, we begin toilet training on puppy pads. 

All touching up to three weeks is slow, gentle and loving. Handling at 3 weeks gets more structured and intentional with our introduction of our 10 step handling exercises. We do not do heavy petting or run our hands up their back from tail to head until 5 weeks old. We Never put a puppy down when they are panicked by your picking them up or handling them. Keep puppies close to our heart and face. Letting them smell our nose and mouth a lot (imprinting). We kiss and hold our puppies close, so they are used to and enjoy this type of intense human interaction.

Week 4 

The “Socialisation Period” starts at approximately 4 weeks old and continues until the pups are 12 weeks old. This is truly such an exciting time in puppy development, and one of my favorite stages. While puppies ears and eyes opened around two weeks old, they were not fully developed or functional. Now sight and hearing have greatly improved. Some puppies like some people, love to hear their own voice! They will practice different types of vocalizing, specifically barking. They start building muscle strength and control, which helps to develop more balanced and coordinated walking. Pups should now be able to move forwards and backwards. They will also start to acknowledge us and our voice.

The fourth week is a fun one! Puppies really come alive, they engage. They are curious and they enjoy thinking. We Let them explore and advance on their own. We Don’t push them into a situation if they are not ready. If a puppy wants to just sit and watch an entire exposure activity or refuse to engage with a particular item, we honor that (for now). We continue to lay a framework of trust and partnership, and we need them to know you will not force them into an unsafe situation. 

During this “Socialisation Period,” we

begin working the puppies in a larger, more open space just outside their whelping box to start with as the weeks go on we move to different locations. 

While puppies are “growing up,” we still need to make sure exposure items are predictable and safe.

Handling exercises increase in intensity and pressure each week. We Spend a lot of time holding pups and continue keeping them close to our heart and face. We Handle pups with tenderness and respect, while gently increasing the intensity and pressure of the “Puppy Handling Exercises.” It remains important that we never put a pup down if they are nervous or uncertain. Let them sleep in our arms, feeling safe and secure. We Spend time sitting with the whole litter picking up pup after pup to nuzzle and touch. Our aim is to water these little souls to grow into beautiful flowers. Flowers that will bloom and become heart healers. Life changers. We are building pups that know the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly, and that is essential to our program. Our loud daily noise exposure continues until pups leave us at 8 weeks old

Week 5 

During the fifth week, we try to have at least two other new people work with the pups. We conduct all new exposure activities in the puppies’ living space, it is important that we move the litter to different on-site spaces to work as well. Puppies must learn to work and problem solve in different spaces inside and outside, from grass to pavers to cement etc.

We are still continuing with our previous weeks of puppy handling exercises, noise exposure and recall. We introduce our puppies to grooming, this includes bath, blow dry and nail clip. Prior to this week puppies have been having sponge baths to keep clean and smelling nice. 

6 weeks old 

At six weeks old, puppies’ individual temperaments begin emerging. No more holding back. Water exposure, car rides, obstacle courses, expeditions. What we do and how we work with the pups is just as important as the environment we are working them in.

This period is filled with many new and exciting curriculum units. It is important that we never force a pup into doing something instead, we show them that all environments and situations are safe. Lure, adjust, change the approach or the environment and do whatever we need to do to empower and not enable. We Let them problem-solve in a safe, supportive environment. 

Puppies are born with intrinsic traits that we cannot change, such as energy level, assertiveness or submissiveness, hand shyness, and tenderheartedness, to name a few. However, we still have the ability to adjust some traits like confidence, motivation, drive, sight and sound sensitivity. When we see a puppy having an issue with unpredictable movement, we work on that. A puppy unsure of loud sounds, we work on that. For each situation, we start with the exposure at a lesser degree than what caused the initial fear/uncertainty and we build from there. We Vary the environments and items/sounds that could be deemed scary. Desensitise Desensitise Desensitise is our mission. Ensure we are promoting the correct emotional response and work the pup through the “challenges” until they are not concerned any more. While we want to make sure the exposure is creating tolerance, we do not push a pup past their threshold. We do not let them “break down.” If needed, we take little breaks to allow them to destress. Some pups enjoy playing tug. Some want to play fetch. Some might even want to nurse. Once stress has been decreased, we start again. Nice and slow. Now is the time. Patience is key, and consistency is crucial. 

Physical, mental, and emotional development is insanely fast. Experts estimate that one week of a pup’s life is the equivalent of six months of development for a human. We cannot dilly dally. Every day and every minute matters if we want to produce the best pups.

Week 7 

At an early age, we are giving your pups necessary tools to live in a complex and unpredictable world. While we can’t change who they are deep down, we can equip them with much-needed skills to more easily navigate life when they leave us. 

We begin crate training, it’s imperative that we keep crate training sessions brief just for an hour or so. We are still just trying to expose puppies to new situations, at the same time keeping all activities fun, safe, and rewarding for puppies’ mental and emotional development.

Around this time, we start to prepare for puppies to go to their new homes. The first important step of this process is go-home vet clearances, which includes a head-to-toe physical inspection, their first vaccination, microchip, worming and their first puppy groom, pet insurance organising puppy information folders and puppy packs all our puppies leave with lifetime support from us. 

Our breeding program is based of the “Badass breeder program”

Home: Our Curriculum

Our 10 Step Handling Exercises 

  • Rub and gently tug on their ears

  • Cover their eyes for 3-5 seconds

  • Open their mouth, inspect their teeth and place your finger inside of their mouth. You can rub their tongue and gums. 

  • Rub their belly and chest in a wide circular motion.

  • Run your hand up their back (from tail to head) a few times to ruffle their fur. Also practice “heavy petting” - patting your pup’s back like you are burping a baby

  • Gently tug and twist on their tail.

  • Rub your fingers in between all pads of their paws.

  • Tap on the tip of their nails

  • Put your hand on their collar and apply a slight tug or pressure

  • Touch their nose!

Home: Our 10 Step Handling Exercises

Puppy Recall 

The Role of “Puppy Puppy Puppy” Recall

We imprint all of our puppies to the recall of “puppy puppy puppy”. In effect, this is actually their “name” and not their assigned “litter name” that we may have referred to throughout our correspondence. This is a lifesaving tool we are giving you, so what can you do to ensure your puppy continues to have this vital recall?

  • Practice twice a week with a high value treat that they never get otherwise (cheese, chicken, hot dog, etc.). Wait for them to be distracted by something (focus is not on you) and then call, “Puppy puppy puppy!” As soon as your pup gets to you, have the biggest “puppy party” and give them the treat. That is it!

  • Do not ever use “puppy puppy puppy” as a punishment (to put them in their kennel, call them from inside, etc.). It has to be 100% positive EVERY single time!

  • No not overuse this command. Your dog will learn very quickly to ignore you if this command is overused - twice a week and no more (unless your dog is in a life-threatening situation).

  • How long should you keep reinforcing this command? We recommend doing this for the rest of your dog’s life.

  • When can you use this command? If your dog bolts out of the door, won’t recall when off leash, and /or could be in danger, etc.To Consider: If your dog bolts out into traffic, assess the situation quickly. Calling them might be fatal because you may be asking them to run back into traffic. If you encounter an aggressive dog, this recall could be great, or it could trigger the aggressive dog to chase (a long down stay might be best in this situation). Again, assess and use your best judgement.

  • Step it up and practice this command with a long drag line (20 plus feet) and take them out in a high distraction area. When they are not focused on you, call the “puppy puppy puppy”. If they don’t come? Reel them in and keep calling them. Remember to only be positive and happy (even if you are frustrated you have to reel them in!). Give them lots of praise and a treat when they reach you. Coming to you should always be positive and safe!

Home: Puppy Recall

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) 

What is ENS? 

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a process that introduces very mild stresses conducted from day 3 to day 16 for 3-5 seconds each in a gentle and controlled way. These 5 exercises help stimulate the neurological systemwhich improves the growth and development oftheir immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance.

Tactile stimulation – Holding the pup in one hand, the handler gently stimulates (tickles) the pup between the toes on any one foot using a Cotton tip. 

2. Head held erect – Using both hands, the pup is held perpendicular to the ground, (straight up), so that its head is directly above its tail this is an upwards position. 

3. Head pointed down – Holding the pup firmly with both hands the head is reversed and is pointed downwards so that it is pointed towards the ground. 

4. Supine position – Hold the pup so that it’s back is resting in the palm of both your hands with its muzzle facing the ceiling.

5. Thermal stimulation— Use a damp towel that has been cooled, Place the pup on the towel. 

Home: Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Information coming soon! 

Home: Early Scent Introduction (ESI)
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Happy Customers


Nikki not only is an incredible breeder who has only the best interests of her Mums & pups but also welcomes us new owners into her family. It was by chance we came across Nikki, as she is a small, family run breeder with total hands on approach. we received regular photos & information on how she was handling the puppies to help them become confident dogs. When we picked up our Jett she gave us loads of goodies to help us on our way. Jett is a super confident & happy puppy, yes maybe gets a little over excited some times but which puppy doesn't. Nikki has kept us connected with other owners through a Facebook page which is a wonderful touch as its great to see how all the other pups are going. Nikki is always happy to help with any questions you may have too & loves to see photos we all post of her babies. Thank you Nikki, I RAVE to everyone about you & highly recommend you to everyone. i would give you 100 stars if I could.

Erin Chen


Professionalism at its finest. Such caring responsible breeders. I recommend Loveable Cavoodles & Moodles to everyone. We have our 2 gorgeous boys because of the beautiful Nikki. 

Melissa White 


I highly recommend Nikki, she is caring, professional and has such a great structured program to ensure the puppies go to their forever homes with sound foundations. Our pup was crate trained, feeding well and almost toilet trained when he came to us at 8 weeks old. Nikki also posted weekly photos of our pup from birth so we could enjoyed seeing him grow. Nikki is an excellent Cavoodle breeder. 

Zoe Little 


From the 1st time I made a phone call to Nikki enquiring about her puppies 7 months before any ‘magic’ had happened 😉to the day we picked our puppy up, I cannot recommend Nikki & Loveable Cavoodles & Moodles highly enough. The love that she & her family have for their dogs & puppies is second to none. Nikki always had time for me & always got back to me to answer any questions I had. Her puppies have the absolute BEST start to life from the second they are born. I have Nikki to thank for the absolute gem 💎 of a puppy we are sooooo fortunate to call ours. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🌟💛🐾

Samantha Knodler


Found Loveable Cavoodles and Moodles through the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia and RightPaw and I can not think of a negative to say about Nikki Blanch or the puppies. She is one of the best and thoughtful breeders that I have come across, who is family run therefore the care and attention is second to none. 
She only has the best interest for the dogs and they will always come first. Nikki from the moment that we first made contact was always open to any questions, concerns or queries that you may have and she loves to get to know you as well as your situation to find the best fit. There are full health checks done on all the puppies before going to their forever home and these checks will ease all your concerns. The parents that are used for breeding are very well cared for and are in top health to ensure sustainable and ethical breeding! The pride, attention and everything in between in an open book with Nikki, you don't need to look elsewhere for your puppy. 
Leading up to getting your forever puppy Nikki always provides photos and updates on how they are going. When I say this is a family run business, you really feel like you are part of the family this is how much she involves you from the birth to them going home with you (not only do you get to go home with an amazing puppy you also get a pack that helps for anyone that is worried as to what the puppy might need to get you and them on their feet for the first few days - really helps with first time pet owners). 
Personally, I now have this bundle of joy named Oatly who i could never think of life without and this is all thanks to the amazing time and effort that Nikki has put into him and it really shows (he was 99.9% toilet trained when I got him! Now thats AMAZING). 
Thank you Nikki for everything! and thank you for Oatly!! 💙 🐶⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (10/10)

Erik Addicoat 


I am so incredibly blessed to have now become the proud Mummy of 2 furbabies, a Moodle and now, a gorgeous Cavoodle from the amazing breeder, 'Loveable Cavoodles and Moodles'. 
Throughout the entire process of adopting my puppies, Nikki had excellent communication and frequent updates of how my pups were progressing. I live in another state, so I literally didn't meet my pups until I flew them to my local airport. I felt confident that this breeder was caring and supporting all pups to an incredibly high standard. The curriculum offered for these pups speaks for itself. The cavoodle pup, our most recent new family member, is honestly the most content, happy and affectionate puppy I have ever had the pleasure of having throughout my lifetime. My new pup, Dougie is toilet training like a champion and is very confident and curious. My husband and I are blown away with how calm and ridiculously gorgeous our cavoodle pup is! My Dougie is already responding to commands and loves being rewarded with a positive treat. Nikki is an amazing breeder! 💚💚

Lauren sledding


Where do we begin…. From the first time I contacted Nikki she has been informative, caring and supportive in every way. Our little cavoodle Oakie is the most loving, affectionate and beautiful puppy and our family are completely in love with him, we can’t recommend Nikki enough and think she is the best and strives for excellence in her field. Thankyou for our beautiful boy Nikki and for all you do to give them the best start in life that you can.

Alicia Padmos 


Getting a puppy has been a long time coming for my family and we did the research and came across Loveable Cavoodles & Moodles and it was the best decision we made ! Nikki went above and beyond with keeping us updated and sending photos and videos of our little Archie. The time and effort she put into him and her standards are 110%. She gives all her puppies the absolute best start to life so if your wanting a puppy I wouldn't recommend anyone else !

Rachel Richardson 


After many months of research, I came across Nikki through Rightpaw. I then joined the Loveable FB page & was constantly impressed with Nikki’s commitment to her dogs & puppies - Nikki goes above & beyond with every single one. 
If you are looking to welcome a puppy into your home, you are in the right place. Nikki only breeds too the highest standard.
Otto is smart, confident, calm & full of love. At 9 weeks of age, he already loves car trips, takes us to the door when he needs to go outside to the toilet, is sleeping through the night & of course loves to be cuddled. He is an absolute treasure.
We feel so lucky to be part of the Loveable family.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10/10

Rebecca Davy Rohr 

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Our Breeding Females



Breed - Toy Poodle 
Colour - Black 
Weight - 4kgs 
D.O.B - 21st April 2019


Breed - Cavoodle 
Colour - Cream & White 
Weight - 9kg
DOB - 11th October 2020



Breed - Miniature Poodle 
Colour - Cream 
Weight - 5kgs 
DOB - 3rd April 2021


Breed - Cavoodle
Colour - Apricot 
Weight - 4kgs 
DOB - 9th April 2021



Breed - Moodle 
Colour - Cream 
Weight - 5kgs
DOB - 13th October 2021

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of the animals from our most recent litter.

Home: Our Females

Our Studs



Breed - F1 Cavoodle/Theodore 
Colour - Red 
Weight - 8kgs
D.O.B 16th November 2021


Breed - F2 Cavoodle/Theodore 
Colour - Apricot
Weight - 7kg
D.O.B 26th June 2022

Home: Our Males


All our applications for our puppies are done through our RightPaw website 

​We have two separate accounts for each breed, I appreciate your patience as our waiting list is quite extensive and we are only small breeding program and don’t have puppies available all year. 

Home: Application Process

Newborn Puppies 

Get in touch to find out more about our litters.

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